Anorexia – Relapse and Prevention: Denying Hunger


Relapse Symptom: Denying my hunger. If I am becoming unwell I’ll just miss a meal here, and there, and ultimately ignore my hunger. I will think that a meal skipped here, there and everywhere is fine because I ate a muffin, I had a coffee, I’m not hungry. Every irrational eating disordered excuse and justification comes out from under the wood work. I still have it in within me, and sometimes when I am becoming unwell I will think that is a good thing. I can not eat. I can be skinny. I can lose weight really quickly. Look how good I am at this!

How I Stay Well: Missing meals, and thoughts this triggers can be difficult to resist. It can be difficult to follow rational logic over eating disordered misperceptions on food, weight and health. Ultimately skipping meals makes life difficult in the long run though because then I get into the habit of ignoring my bodies natural signals. I have to refocus myself towards why I chose to ‘give up’ my eating disorder. I try to be objective and remember how low I was when I was very underweight, how unwell I became and my anorexia ultimately made me. It didn’t make me into a super human, but rather the opposite. I became a weak, gaunt looking little girl in my twenties. I lost my job, and I lost all pleasure in food – which is now a big part of my life. When I really think about it, I don’t want to lose that again. I don’t want to be trapped again – and I have to be mindful of where I am, and where I am going when this symptoms crops up and tries to persuade me of otherwise.e

I have finally learnt through recovery how to listen to my body and my hunger. I eat when I am hungry, and stop when I reach a nice level of satiety.  It’s never a winning situation to ignore my body.


Other Signs and Symptoms:
1. Introduction: Anorexia – Relapse and Prevention and Counting Calories
2. Weighing
3. Drinking cups of tea, in succession, on after another, after another, after another.
4. Skipping Meals
5. Feeling anxious and out of control
6. Feeling uneasy about “bad foods”
7. Making diet plans
8. Burning calories


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