Songs of My Journey: 2009, Live Your Life

At 19 I finally recover from bulimia. I managed it. I copied how my girlfriend ate, and learnt from her what normal eating was. How much normal was, how it was normal to have the occasional binge, and fine to miss a few meals due to stress here and there. It was all very normal and I was happy. I was at they happiest I have ever been in my life, and we were at the happiest in our relationship.

I was normal. I was going out. I had made friends who I could connect with. I was able to socialise and enjoy myself. I had friends, and I had a soul mate. I didn’t feel isolated, outcasted or alone. What I had left town for eventually paid off and I could be normal, myself, and have as much fun as possible whilst doing it. I was enjoying myself.

This song felt like it really hit a chord because I hadn’t forgotten everything I had already been through. I remembered al of the adversity I had faced in my life, and was grateful to finally feeling good and able to live my life.


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