Songs Of My Journey: 2008, I Don’t Belong Here


During my sixth form years I started to feel like I was very different from everyone around me. I had friends, but I felt isolated and outcasted. I went out, but I felt alone. I did my work, but I felt like I was in another paradigm to the people who surrounded me. I wasn’t close to anyone, and I was desperate to get out, to make a new life, and leave everyone behind in the hope of no longer feeling fundamentally different – but not in a good way.

I felt displaced, confused and found it difficult to reach my potential. I remember my tutor’s comments, “you are an oddball aren’t you?’ and, more poignantly, “I think that one day you’re going to make it. You’re going to go somewhere and shine but it’s not going to be here. It’s not going to happen for you in Ivybridge, I think it’s going to happen further down the line.”

The song ‘Creep’ by Radiohead perfectly captures these feelings of displacement and the feelings I had about being different, and how I just wanted to be OK with being myself.


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