The Smaller Joys of Life: Week Four

Sunday 28th December:
I signed up for Tough Mudder South London in order to raise money for MIND. I am really excited but the prospect of the challenge and training. I received a lot of support from all of the important people in my life for this, and really appreciate how supportive and encouraging everyone is being of this mega challenge.

Monday 29th December:
I was having a hard time with my mood and paranoid thinking today, but I am fortunate to have a good friend who I can text when I am having bad times as well as good. She text me, and helped give me ideas for how to stay well, and get through the episode. I am really grateful for our friendship.

Tuesday 30th December:
I dyed my hair all pink today, which was fun. I have been struggling with dissociative symptoms, so really felt like I needed a treat day. I pampered myself, doing my hair, painting my nails and just enjoying some alone time.

Wednesday 31st December:
I had an enjoyable night out with Wifey and a friend. I received lost of Happy New Year Wishes, and appreciated my friend phoning me to see how I was. I enjoyed my night out and was happy with how we greeted 2015, with a violin band blasting out the folk music. Sitting my the campfire outside, I enjoyed my drinks, and the company. I enjoyed dancing, and was happy to be happy.

Thursday 1st January:
I’ve enjoyed looking up about nutrition, health and fitness in order to plan and prepare my training. I was also that I told Wifey how much I enjoyed that she came out with me, and she returned the compliment. That made me feel nice.

Friday 2nd January:
I enjoyed going to the gym. I am very fortunate that I can go to the gym, and swimming for free – and I use that offer to help with my mental health and well-being.

Saturday 3rd January:
I spent the evening with friends having cheese and wine night. It was really fun, and it really helped because I had been struggling with my mental health symptoms on this day. I wound up having a really enjoyable evening with my friends.


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