The Smaller Joys of Life: Week Five

Sunday 4th January:
I started to do my study, and even though I was really struggling I am really grateful to have the opportunity to study for a career that I want.

Monday 5th January:
I asked for an extension on my work because I’ve been having a had time. I am very lucky that my college are very supportive of my difficulties – for this I am grateful because it takes the pressure off a little bit and makes studying my course more manageable.

Tuesday 6th January:
Today was my first day back at college after the christmas break. I was pleased to see everyone, and enjoyed learning again.

Wednesday 7th January:
Today I went to the opticians to get my eyes checked. The optician who examined my eyes was really friendly, and helpful. I was also thankful for my NHS certificate which helped pay for my glasses and examination.

Thursday 8th January:
I went to my friend’s house int he evening after college. Today was a hard day in college, so going to my friends house to drink wine, watch TV and have a natter whilst dying hair was a really good way to spend my evening.

Friday 9th January:
I was happy to see Wifey again after college because she had worked a night shift, then I had been at my friend’s house. It was nice to spend some time together, and to have a chat about everything we had been up to.

Saturday 10th January:
My friend met me for coffee and we hung out and had dinner at my house. I have also re-arranged our flat and now we have the sofa in the kitchen so I can sit on it when Wifey is asleep. Out flat is much more cosy now, and more comfortable than before. We have never had a sofa before, and for a while when we had it it wasn’t in a convenient place to sit on it and enjoy it – so now I am grateful to finally have somewhere comfortable to sit and read, go on the computer or chill out with friends.


(Sorry I forgot to take pictures – I will make a mental note to work on that)


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