Anorexia – Relapse and Prevention: Tea and Cigarettes

large-1 Relapse Symptom: Drinking cups of tea, one after another, after another, after another. I wake up. I pop the kettle on. I drink my morning cuppa, then again, I’ll pop the kettle on. I’ve had 8 cups of tea so far today, maybe I’ll pop the kettle on again, and again, and then again whilst sparking up a cigarette. This is how my days go when I am unwell or relapsing. When I am eating well I don’t feel the need for the sugary caffeinated nicotine infused rush I get from this mix every 30 minutes. When I eat well, I will drink up to 4 cups of tea a day, and smoke about 2 cigarettes. How I Stay Well: Especially if I start replacing meals with tea and cigarettes I now know that I need to talk to someone about how I’m feeling to figure out how to better manage whatever may be bothering me because these are sure-fire signs that something is wrong. I often have to make myself a meal plan that I know I can manage, and that is easy to pursue in addition to forcing myself to go to the shops and buy food. Sometimes when I am in this place it is difficult to know whether it is depression or an eating disorder relapse, but for both I follow the same plan of forcing myself to buy easy cook meals, and make a vague meal plan. Sometimes this can mean eating junk food, but it I am eating junk food at least I am eating. In these periods of time, it is not the health benefits and nutrition I am getting from my food that is my main concern, but rather that I keep eating at all. I know I am better when I am drinking a more normal intake of tea again, in addition to smoking far less and not feeling the urgent need for either. —– Other Signs and Symptoms: Introduction to Anorexia – Relapse and Prevention and Counting Calories.


6 thoughts on “Anorexia – Relapse and Prevention: Tea and Cigarettes

  1. when I was starting recovery I noticed that I would give into caffeine a lot too….esp coke zero’s because they were a no no food during my ED phase and I have them now, but I use to do a lot of them. Or I would just drink vitaminwaters. I noticed too that if I made a plan I did better. Now, when I feel bad I just try and get something with nutrition. Have you heard of chia fresca’s? All you do is fill a waterbottle with 1 tablespoon chia seeds, a splash of lemon or lime juice, with an Emergen-C packet. So even if I am relapsing, I am getting nutrition and all we know how important nutrition is for our brain function. Or smoothies, I love them too. At least you are far along to know when you are relapsing and that you need to do something. Good luck!

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    1. I’ve not head of chia fresco’s but I do agree that that is better than nothing, especially as chia seeds are so nutritionally valuable. Smoothies are also another good thing, I found enriched shakes and smoothies helped me in my earlier days of recovery because liquids were less challenging for me, for some reason. So I drank a lot of build up and complan. Thank You for the good luck, good luck to you too! x

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