Hopes and Resolutions

I’ve dug out an old diary. It’s my diary from last year, and in it I wrote a whole page dedicated to ‘Hopes For 2014’.

They were:
1. Start and access to science course at college.
2. Get discharged from CMHT and mental health services.
3. Reach 5th anniversary in my relationship.
4. Buy Wifey a new ring.
5. Go to Amsterdam.

I managed to achieve three of those hopes, and with that I am happy. I feel pleased with myself and my year. I have been thinking lately about all of my hopes for 2015 as well, and how I have a lot of natural hopes spurred on by my life, and not just resolution madness.So here goes:

Hopes For 2015.


1. Run Tough Mudder and raise £400+ for MIND.
2. Attend as much of college as I can and do my best.
3. Complete my college course and get the grades for uni.
4. Stay out of psychiatric hospital.
5. Buy Wifey that ring.
6. Go away for a few days, abroad or camping.
7. Keep writing.
8. Continue moving forward in my journey to health and wellness.
9. Develop and nurture a healthier relationship with my mum.
10. Enjoy life!


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