The Smaller Joys of Life: Week Three


Sunday 21st December: I saw an old friend for coffee, breakfast and cake. I had had a lovely night out with my friend before, and really enjoyed spending time with my friends overall. Additionally, my breakfast was amazing.



Monday 22nd December: I enjoyed a gingerbread latte, mini gingerbread man included, and I painted my nails glittery. We finished the evening off with cheese and Prosecco, and enjoyable night all round really.


Tuesday 23rd December: we travelled to see family for christmas and I had a lovely orange hot chocolate on the journey.

Wednesday 24 th December: I really enjoyed watching Michael bubles Christmas song book on TV.


Thursday 25 th December: I had am epic Christmas dinner and a nice Christmas Day. I received and gave some nice gifts and enjoyed spending some time with Wifey in the evening.


Friday 26th: It snowed. Throwing snow balls never gets old, even at 24.



Saturday 27th: Even though the trains were all disrupted due to the weather (come on England), I enjoyed the views of the peak district as we travelled through. When we arrived home, it was good to be home and to see the cat and feel loved by him.


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