One pill, two pill, three pill, four.

One pill, two pill, three
To numb the pain.
A smile,
To cover it up,
That flimsy plaster,
To ease the wound.

A lashing whip,
A wind, the gales of doom,
Sadness, weeping , weak, pathetic sadness.

The zombies walk,
We walk through the day
A vacant expression.
There’s nothing to see here.
No niceties, no love, no connection.

Nothing is there, nothing here, just bare
Pain, grief, distress.
Don’t cry. Don’t weep. It’s weak.

Smiling for the sake of a smile to hide behind,
For the tired loved ones
Who can’t face it anymore.
Because nothing counts
No difference to be made,
No joy to evoke,
No connection, love, warmth
Just a frozen soul that lives the life
Of a casted shadow.

We are the living dead, but we must continue
And sacrifice the needs of perpetual doom.
So she’s leaving,
but what can I say other that “stay?”
Nothing to be done, but watch
Watch as the affair goes on before my dead eyes.

And whisper silent “help me, I need you”
But she can’t be needed anymore.
She’s tired too,
Our love exhausted beyond the proposed throes we embarked upon,
The bond cracking and gaping holes where connections are supposed to be,
Show everything
That is missing.

When love dies, in the morbid walking and nothing
Nothing matters anymore.
Come or go, stay or leave, perhaps
A jolly old canter off into the distance.

So one pills, two pills,
Three, four and five
To numb the pain.


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