Anorexia – Relapse and Prevention: Weighing

large Relapse Symptom: Weighing myself more and setting goals. I weigh myself still. I weigh myself every 2-3 weeks. If I’m weighing more than that I am on the slippery slope into obsession. If I weigh more than once a day then that is a definitive alarm bell because really, do I need to know if I lost weight after going to the toilet? No. Is knowing that knowledge going to help my health and well-being? Absolutely not. The only truth to be inferred from multiple weigh-ins a day is that my weight is becoming an obsession again- and that I need to stop.

How I Stay Well: For me, weighing myself infrequently is a method of ensuring my weight remains in the green on the NHS BMI app. From this, I can be rest assured that I am at a healthy weight for my age and height. If I am stepping on the scales more frequently, I need to set myself goals to not weigh rather than goals to lose weight, but goals to not weigh myself for a certain amount of time. A goal of 4-5 days without weighing myself usually helps. Most times, by the time I’ve made it to my non-weighing goal, the urge has passed and I no longer want to keep weighing myself. Throwing out the scales never helped me, and that isn’t a helpful tool for everyone: but for some though, throwing the scales out may help. Often during my recovery there were times when weighing myself would comfort me, because once I’d become ok with being in the green, the confirmation that I hadn’t gained 2 stone over night helped calm my qualms about my weight and size. So weighing yourself can be a part of your recovery; it is different for everyone. If I find myself setting goal weights that are unhealthy and low, I have to be conscious to remind myself of the reasons why living without an eating disorder is better than the sensation that I’m controlling my life via food can every give me. It has taken a lot of hard work in order to reach this place, and to be balanced within my mind, but it has definitely be worth it. It is most definitely possible.


Other Signs and Symptoms:

Introduction to Anorexia – Relapse and Prevention and Counting Calories.


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