Songs Of My Journey: 2007, The All That Bulimia Stole


In 2007 I turned 17. I was doing my A Levels, and had started going out more drinking – because that is what 16 and 17 year olds do in England. Even though we’re underage we drink, we smoke weed, and we go out to the beach, someone’s house, or anywhere we can find to do it.

I joined in a little. However, the sad part is that most of all when I look back on this part of my life the majority of my memories are bulimia. When I would go to town in the day to visit different shops and buy binge food, then binge, then purge…in public places. There were times when I went out, but even those memories are shrouded by bulimia; the time I didn’t eat for days and wound up lying next to the gutter throwing up on myself, the times I panicked when I couldn’t find anywhere to purge, and the other times when I would browse and wonder the Tesco Express aisles for 2 hours before finally buying the same old binge food, to go to the same old places to eat it, then moving to the same old places to purge it – before catching the last bus home.

For 16-17 year old me, bulimia ruled my life, stole my youth and tarnished my memories.

About ‘Songs Of My Journey’

**Trigger Warning** {Video contains scar imagery}


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