The Smaller Joys of Life: A 26 Week Challenge.


I have written previously about gratitude which are mainly focusing on the big things in my life that I am grateful for. However, I have decided to take it upon myself to complete a gratitude diary. Earlier in 2014 there was a big social media trend called ‘100 Happy Days’. I tried to take part in it on Instagram however, I didn’t manage to complete it. I did however take something from the experience and now, even when I am feeling bad I am in the practice of being mindful and taking note of the small tokens of happiness that flutter through my day. Therefore, I have decided that on Sunday each week I will make a post about my gratitude from that week. Each day I will take a picture and make a note of what made me happy that day. It can be anything, even the tiniest thing: a cup of tea, playing with my cat, or just how beautiful the sky was that day.

The major point is to document how wonderful the small things are in my days, even when I am having a rough time. I have been struggling a little bit lately, and I think that for myself this will prove to be a good exercise in practicing positive mental health techniques in order to enhance my overall well-being. I would like to share my experience and I think it would be nice to do this with other people, so if you’d like to take part we could share our experiences on not only our own sites, but those of others as well.

If you would like to join me on my journey, please feel free to email me (my address is in the side bar) and we’ll figure a way of doing it together.

So here is to the smaller joys of life. My challenge is 26 weeks long, and it will be good to see where I am and how things have changed after 6 months.



4 thoughts on “The Smaller Joys of Life: A 26 Week Challenge.

  1. I’m not so much on emailing as I prefer to keep any and all personal info to myself ;). But if you would let me know when you start I would love to do it as well. I did something similar for my psychology class and it was helpful πŸ™‚


    1. Hi. I’ve started this week and the first time I’ll be posting is this Sunday. I could try and figure out how to let you guest post yours on Sunday maybe? And we can go from there? X


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