Songs Of My Journey: 2006, Of One and Alone.


Eating disorders create a very isolating existence for the individual. Food is everywhere, and often associated with love, family and sharing. I could no longer take part in that.

Another issue playing with my mind and experiences at the time was the realisation that not everyone’s parents were like mine: parenting from the furthest possible distance as possible emotionally. I barely knew them, and they barely knew me. I very desperately wanted a mum to be a mum for me, and I never got that. I also wanted a dad to be a dad, however, at the time I didn’t realise how falsified our relationship was, therefore I remained deluded for this period of time. So even though this song is about adult and romantic relationships, the overall tone really captured the sadness I felt in regards to my parents at this time.

About ‘Songs Of My Journey’


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