Documenting The Happy.


Last Friday I was feeling very happy.

Isn’t is strange to want to write about being happy? Often, when I’ve been struggling the most I have become an almost compulsive writer for my thoughts and feelings. It helps, it doesn’t. It is a double-edged sword because not only can writing, or self-expression even be cathartic, it can also be a form of dark rumination. If there is anything that is a least helpful behaviour for anxiety and depression, rumination is it.

So that is why it is a bit odd to be writing about how happy I was last friday. If there is one thing I have learnt from my years of therapy then it would be mindfulness. Being mindful of the moment, whether it brings positivity or negativity – and being clued up in noticing how I am feeling or thinking. As a result of this I write a daily gratitude note in my daily diary: however, there are bigger small things that I am grateful for throughout my days that feel quite significant to my self, my core and my mental health overall.

I would like to document this as I think it is important to make note of the good things as well as the not so good.

Last Friday I felt blessed and wonderful. From this one day of full gratitude towards health and positive feelings I will write about the bigger small things that I am grateful for that have come as a result of my mental health experiences.

This is perhaps going to be the most personal series I have done so far, but I think it is important.



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