from Romancing The Road To Recovery, ‘Fuck you AN’

I began this blog with the main intention of writing and sharing my own experience of navigating my life with not only poor mental health to begin with, but also specifically the disorders that I know about from experience. However, not only do I want to share my story, but I want to read about the stories of others also.

This excerpt is from a guest post by Joannecb from Romancing The Road To Recovery speaking about an important learning hurdle in her road to recovery.


Since then, I’ve learned that the only way to truly face my recovery is with pure kindness, understanding and self-compassion. It’s not been easy, but I am slowly learning that what used to serve me no longer does. Yes, in hindsight, AN was a horrible coping skill, but that does not mean I was ‘wrong’ for just trying to cope.

Now, instead of saying ‘Fuck you anorexia,’ when I’m struggling, I simply turn to the scared parts of myself and say ‘It’s okay. You’re not alone and you don’t have to be. Trust yourself, and never let go of your hope for the future. Letting go is scary, but so is staying stuck. It’s okay to be afraid; it’s okay to acknowledge how difficult all of this is, but remember: ‘Difficult’ never means impossible.’


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